Go Loitering

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Sophie was Amelia Earhart for her wax museum project at school.  All the 3rd graders stood in rows in the cafeteria dressed up as their chosen favored historical figure and the parents walked up to them and the kids did a mini oral report about their person.

It was really loud.  And really 8:30ish in the morning.  But, you know, fun all the same. 

Her 9th birthday is coming up and all she wants in the whole wide world is a cell phone.  So, as we were falling asleep last night I said, Look – there is NO CHANCE that I’m getting you a phone for your birthday.  Let’s not let that ruin it, mkay?  I could tell in the dark that she was pouting.  No chance?  I waited a beat.  Not discussing further.  NONE. 

Then I melted a little.  But!  I said, You will get one while you’re still in elementary school, because you’ll turn 12 (that is the cell phone age of my household) right before you finish 5th grade!  And the boys; Lex got his at Christmas time in 6th grade, and Nate will get his around Christmas this year when HE turns 12.

This seemed to make her happy and we all went to sleep.

This morning while I was making cinnamon toast for the kids, I realized that she’s not turning 9 in 2nd grade, which would mean a cell phone in 5th grade, she’s in THIRD grade this year, and that means she’ll be practically in SEVENTH grade before she gets her phone. 

I’m so screwed.

Anyway.  I’m behind on every single thing in my life.  Everything.  This is how far behind I am on the 64 Colors photography thing:


Sixteen weeks.

SG and I went to pick up some takeout sushi for dinner last week and saw this sign:

go loitering.jpg

while we were loitering and waiting for the avocado rolls that I had to have. 


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