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A hot Meyer lemon, picked off the tree three minutes ago & fresh strawberries in my backyard. Cause it's a hundred degree day and I love summer.

That might look like cut up oranges and sliced strawberries, but really it’s a cut up lemon and sliced strawberries.  And I ate it and it was incredibly good.  Last week it was up over a hundred degrees a couple of days in a row.  One of those days at suppertime I walked out to the Meyer lemon tree to see if there were enough lemons to start making this.  Still working on it, but I did pick an enormous lemon that was perfectly ripe and decided to have it with strawberries.  Meyer lemons are always good, but they are heavenly when they’ve been baking in the sun all day long and you eat them still hot.  I’m getting weepy just remembering it.
The day before Sophie’s birthday earlier this month was her last soccer game and also my turn to bring snacks.  We had mini cupcakes for after the game, and for halftime I brought a ton of oranges and strawberries, more than the girls could possibly eat, even though I brought less than I was tempted to.  
That night we had a family dinner for Soph, and Scuba and I decided to put all those strawberries and cut up oranges to work in a few pitchers of sangria.  So here’s what we were calling Soccer Mom Sangria:
  • Bottle of red wine that you are comfortable mixing with other things (some people use nice wine, some use crap, we went down the middle)
  • A couple few cans of Aranciata and Limonata, enough till you’ve got the ratio you want 
  • Your giant ziplock bag of precut oranges
  • Leftover strawberries, slice those up
  • Peaches or nectarines, if you got em
This came out really good.  I snuck tiny shots of rye into mine and that made it even better.
Scuba and I are doing a kind of local mini vacation this weekend and I cannot wait to kick it off.  Happy Friday. 

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