Grace In Small Things: 3 of 365


  1. A book loan from my lovely coworker.
  2. Jenny coming to my house last night with presents and her awesome self for a sleepover featuring rum and coke and late-night tacos and candy, and lots of laughing while the kids slept. 
  3. A visit from Yvonne, which means I got to laugh until it hurt. 
  4. A text message that said, "Baby, yuz hotter n doughnut grease."
  5. Getting into bed early when every bit of me is tired. 

Grace In Small Things

3 thoughts on “Grace In Small Things: 3 of 365

  1. kayla

    Isn’t the cover of that book a Van Gogh painting? I remember seeing it (or something very similar) in the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, and laughing my ass off with Lee about it. I’m sure it was supposed to represent something very dark, but it struck us as hilarious.


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