Gwendomama’s meme

Gwendomama asked me for this. 

One year ago I:Willosiclesum05_011_1

1. had an ear infection
2. was home alone with the kids
3. while John was in Seattle
4. had one vicodin in the medicine chest
5. linked to Grace’s Katrina blog
6. linked to Badger’s blog about the Astrodome (she volunteered there)
7. was watching season four of Six Feet Under
8. had really barfy kids
9. needed to get a cable to hook up the new computer monitor my mom gave me
10. ate dairy products
11. listened to Sophie tell me all about squid
12. and I worried that her finger was broken
13. drove to get the kids from school
14. went to the gym and ran three miles
15. was getting prepared to turn 35
16. shared a camera with John
17. had no job
18. was happy that school had started
19. really wanted to get some fuzzy bath rugs
20. was ogling the "Men We Love" copy of Bust magazine

Today, I:

1. had a minor earache from walking outside in the cold wind Img_0433

2. am completely surrounded by people
3. was glad that John was here and not in Seattle with Matt (who he went with last year, and who is there now)
4. have no vicodin left
5. wrote a post for Blogging Baby about how Madrid banned models who were too skinny
6. reviewed three children’s books for Blogging Baby
7. am desperately missing SFU
8. do NOT have barfy kids; knock on wood
9. am using another computer monitor that my mom gave me
10. no longer eat dairy (sob)
11. listened to Sophie tell me about gingerbread men
12. worried that she will ask someone at school to sniff her butt or something equally offensive
13. walked to and from school twice
14. walked two miles
15. am ignoring 36
16. have my own camera that I need to use more often
17. have two jobs and babysit
18. am ecstatic that school has rescued me
19. still dream about fuzzy bath rugs like these
20. didn’t even have time to read the newspaper

3 thoughts on “Gwendomama’s meme

  1. Heather

    It sounds like things are looking up in so many ways. I am so glad to hear you are back from the hospital and feeling better. Cardio issues can be so weighing, I know this far too well.

    Now I am dreaming of those bath matts, too.

    Hope you continue to mend.


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