Happy Halloween


The kids had fun at their dad’s today, and came home in time to go trick or treat at my mom’s house. They got lots of candy and cookies and pumpkin peeps and Sophie got replacements for her hair doodads that got swiped from my mom’s car at the carwash. She was happy.


Before we went to my mom’s, my brother and his girlfriend came by with all their leftover candy and we went over to trick or treat at the beloved Ciao’s. Ciao is our neighbor who lives in the duplex next door to ours. He is a really nice Italian man, grandfatherish age, who always, always, takes the time to visit with the kids. He sees them and waves and calls out, “Ciao, amore!” then tells them how beautiful they are in his wonderful Italian. They love it. Sophie began calling him Ciao when she was a newish talker, and she always said, “Hi Ciao!” to him. She recently learned his name, Alberto, and now calls him “Ciao Berty.” I think it’s especially nice for the 3 older kids, whose grandfather and great grandfather on their dad’s side were Italian (their great great grandfather was born there, and their great grandfather grew up there). They have both passed away, so it’s nice for the kids to have Ciao to talk to them in Italian and tell them how wonderful they are. His wife is really sweet, too, and took photos of the kids in their costumes and came to kiss Willow. We are lucky to have them as neighbors. At my old apartment the guy two doors down sold drugs, and I used to get wrong house knocks on the door at all hours. Sometimes you don’t miss the good old days.

Anyway. . . ya think the kids got enough candy!?!


There’s so much it doesn’t even look good to me. Yet. Sigh.

I do feel lots better, thanks Shannon! I haven’t read blogs in a couple of weeks, so I’ll have to catch up with everyone. With the craft fair a month away, I think I’ll have less and less time to do that. I’m looking forward to January. I like long winter days. I like to fool myself into thinking that I’ll do lots of reading, sewing, knitting and photo taking. We’ll see.

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