headrub for wednesday

I’m sitting at my desk eating lunch and working on several things at the same time.  You know Kamajii from Spirited Away?


I wish I had his arms.  (You can’t see, but he’s got a few extra.)

I was rushing when I wrote out my to-do list today, and I think the thing on the bottom might say "headrub for wednesday."  Awesome.

On Saturday at 6 (evening) I loaded up my van with pillows, sleeping bags, food, booze, clothes, toothbrushes, and five kids and went over the hill to Gwendomama’s for the very most rawkin kid birthday party ever in the history of ever. 


It’s so beyond great to be in a place where I can let my kids go. There were lots of kids there, and I could see mine huddled in different groups, by the swingset, on the trampoline, at the jump off for the zip line, talking to other kids with no adults hovering and moderating and influencing.  My kids don’t get much unsupervised time and I think that that part of their upbringing sucks.  We just don’t live in a place where I can let them get far enough away from me safely. 

They stayed up past midnight, racing around in the dark with glowsticks, dancing, clapping when the band played songs they knew.  At one point when the sun was just about to go down, Willow asked me to go up the hill with her to sit on the swing up top.  The bass player came up and we talked for a minute or two before he went back down the hill.  As he walked down, he said, Any second now the bats will come out.  Not three seconds later, they appeared, fluttery and quicker than birds.  Willow and I watched them in the sky until it got dark, until the stars got thicker and the bats disappeared. 

We slept in a VW van, Nathan, the girls and me on the queen sized bed on the bottom, Lex and his buddy C on the bed in the popup top.  We woke up to a gorgeous blue day and buttery sunshine.  I cuddled with the kids and listened to them say over and over how cool this was and how fun and I realized I couldn’t remember the last time they fought.  And even though I am swamped with work and should be digging my way out of it, I just needed to write the littlest tiny piece about that moment because I need those shiny toe holds to climb up out of this place I’ve fallen into.

Huh.  Maybe someone will start a Worst Metaphor in a Blog Post Award and send me a button for my sidebar. 

10 thoughts on “headrub for wednesday

  1. Maria

    I’ll make you a button. 😛

    And I love Spirited Away. People think I’m weird because of my love for Anime/Manga. Glad you get me. 🙂


    I want to go next time – always wanted to try a zip line! Assuming it’s strong enough to hold a granny!

  3. gwendomama

    Hey Furiousball:

    Pretty damn apeshit.

    Although I was called a ‘hard ass mom’ by lex the next morning when i made the kids pick up the brownie crumbs off the carpet. FROM THE BROWNIES I HAD LET THEM EAT FOR BREAKFAST, DUDE!

    hard ass. hehe.

  4. Melanie

    brownies for breakfast are way better than right before bed 🙂

    and I’m glad I’m not the only one who believes that any kids b-day party that requires the parents to stay MUST include adult beverages, too.

  5. dana

    Wow! Sounds like the kids had an awesome time at the birthday party. I read the words “zip line” and thought, I want to be there!


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