Hello, and welcome to February

I’ve been seeing little hearts everywhere.  Like in my soup at lunch today.

See the little blurry green heart of something (parsley? oregano?) in there? 

And, luckily there’s no photo of this one; the bird poop on the back window of my van.  I have to admit that when I first saw it, I thought for a microsecond about taking a picture because it’s a perfect heart shape.  But then I got a little gaggy thinking about it.  When Sophie saw it, she immediately said, OH LOOK!  HEART SHAPED POOP! I’m going to take a photo of that heart bird poop, print it out, and make a valentine for that mean boy in my class.  It will say HAPPY. VALENTINE’S. DAY. 

So apparently I have been grinding my teeth at night.  I made a groove in the back of my top front teeth with the front of my bottom front teeth, and I wore off the enamel on the bottom front teeth.  I had that fixed today, and soon I will go back to get fitted for the super sexy, always-in-style mouthguard.  (this is the part where I touch my finger to my ass and make a sizzling sound) 

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