Here’s what I’ll do on the plane!

I can’t tell you how much I LOVE stuff like this.  I found the link at Angry Chicken and I’d link to her, but it’s late and you can just check the side bar on the left.  I printed out a bunch of other paper toys awhile back, but the kids were not as into it as I was.  Except maybe Sophie, who crumpled up most of the things I made with her Lenny kind of loving. 

I will have to print and pack tomorrow.  Did I mention that I’m leaving town for a few days?


Really, I’ll be traveling with my mom, which is better.  We will be fine talking over the roar of the jet engine,  because it is several million decibels quieter than my adorable loud children.  Better print out photos for the grand and great grand parents.  Better get a new printer cartridge.  Better try and sleep.  My brother is here for a work trip and is sleeping on the couch.  We got to hang out and talk, which was so needed on my part.  Must try to rest, though. 

2 thoughts on “Here’s what I’ll do on the plane!

  1. Dixie

    “…Lenny kind of loving.”

    Oh yeah. I’m stealing that for my own use. You get props, of course.

    You could use an eggless, kidless weekend. Have a safe trip. Can’t wait to hear how it all goes.

    Take love and hugs with you.


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