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  1. Lana

    That’s an awesome place! My older daughter is allergic to dairy and egg whites and we went to that place to get cupcakes for her birthday last year. My husband and I had to keep ourselves from eating all of the cupcakes. So yummy!! There’s another place called ‘SNICE (they have a menu on http://www.menupages.com) at 8th Ave and 4th Street, they have vegetarian & vegan foods and deserts. We’ve gotten cupcakes from them too but still prefer Babycakes. Enjoy NYC! 🙂

  2. GraceD

    Dude, I’ll have you know that I’ve slept with Chris already.* And we watched nude guys strip.**

    * Okay, so she slept downstairs when she missed her plane back home from BlogHer 06. Truth of the matter is she actually slept with Meghan.

    ** On a tour around our fair city, I pointed out the surfers peeling out of their wetsuits next to their cars on West Cliff Drive. I really know how to show a gal a good time.

    And, you? Have a good, good time in NYC. You might want to try Magnolia Bakery in the West Village if you want to do the cupcake circuit right.

    (Sheeet, gwendoma should totally open her own cupcake shop here, y’know?)

    xo to you


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