I know it’s melodramatic and cliche


but I miss Spain the way that some people might miss a lover — complete with daydreams, photo-gazing, and sighing.  I see some Spanish language tapes in my future. 

I am a total idiot for staying up so late.  Miss Sophie starts summer school Success Camp! tomorrow at 8 am.  I cannot call it Success Camp, because that is just too sugar-coated and lame.  At the same time, summer school does have its self-esteem sucking negative connotations.  I split the difference and say she’s going to School Camp.  Like school, but CAMP — because it’s summertime.   School Camp is where you perfect your math skilz and get to socialize while escaping from your cranky mother for a few hours each day.  What a sweet deal!

Should be really fun in the morning, since the kids haven’t woken up before 9 or 10 in a looong time. 

Three more weeks until I get to go to Chicago for BlogHer.  I’m looking forward to it for lots of reasons.  Hey. . . I work for them now, maybe I can line it up for Barcelona next year. 


1 thought on “I know it’s melodramatic and cliche

  1. Heather B.

    Remind me to come (drunkenly) stalk you in Chicago so then we can sit and talk Spain for HOURS. Because I can do it, literally…FOR HOURS.

    La Rambla, hmm? Let’s discuss.

    Oh and my personal favorite El Cortes Ingles. It’s better than Target. If Target charged $19.50 for Covergirl mascara and also sold Ralph Lauren.

    I really miss Spain. (sad face)


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