I am really wanting to describe my weekend at WoolfCamp, but I cannot seem to do it.  Here is the group blog, which is very good, but I am thinking the "you had to be there" ness factor is high enough to keep the indescribable coolness from making itself truly known.  Yeah.  THAT didn’t even sound right.  I have attempted in a few conversations to talk about it, and I listen to myself and realize, no, that isn’t quite it but the it is forever in the corner of my vision.  I will come back later and tell what I learned over the weekend, and hey!  here’s some flickr in case you want the visual aide. Search under tags for "woolfcamp" and you will see many more.  I need to go put the cubs to bed.  They are cranky.

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  1. Lin

    My feelings exactly. I guess you had to have been there, because otherwise it just sounds like a bunch of blathering.

    It was lovely meeting you, Jennifer. Let’s hope we can get something going with Woolfcamp TC (Topanga Canyon). Will you be at BlogHer?

    Lin xoxoxo

  2. Sarah

    Hey. Grace left that comment on my blog, too! 🙂

    Jenijen, it was awesome to meet you. You have many more stories to tell me, so I’ll just subscribe to the RSS and let them come. 🙂


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