I did is bass-ackwards, but I taught myself how to make pleats this afternoon while making my grandmother’s christmas gift.  I’m pretty happy with how it came out.  Hopefully the next one will take half the time!





I put lots of photos so you can see the fabric.  Reminds me of Dickens.  And John modeled for me, thus proving for all time that not only is he brave enough to sort of cross dress, but also that he loves me.

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  1. TitanKT

    I tell you what that John is a champ! No one else could pull off looking rugged and frilly at the same time. And he looks cute in the apron. And the apron is VERY cute… your grandmother will love it. I’m impressed with the pleats. You’re talented, Jen!

  2. Jamie

    How cute ! You are so talented 🙂 The apron pleats look great. Fabric looks very
    1920 ish to me Good Job ! (your hubby is such a good sport !)

  3. jess

    Wow, he looks so proud to be, you know, in drag. I am so unworthy of your crafty presence. Here i was so proud of our paper chains.

    Everything is beautiful.


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