I didn’t have my camera

but picture this: Sophie and Willow flat on their backs on the grass in the front yard.  Both are looking up at the sky and the leaves.  They’re aimlessly swinging their arms and kicking; just moving a little.  Sophie says, "Willow?"  Willow says, "What?"  Sophie says, "Pa-member that I am always here for you."  Willow says, "Okay, Sophie.  Pa-member."

13 thoughts on “I didn’t have my camera

  1. Lin

    That is so precious. Wouldn’t you just loved to have been able to record that…just their voices. Thank God kids do stuff like that occasionally.

  2. TitanKT

    Yep, I agree… that’s the sweetest dang thing I’ve heard in a while. You must’ve just wanted to burst when you heard that. Sweetie-kids… it’s stuff like that we get, mercifully, to make up for (and totally blow away) all the times when they screech and fight and… well, you know.

  3. Mom

    Do yourself a favor and write that down and put it on the fridge and keep it there for.ever. There are going to be times when you will need to just stand in front of it and block out everything else. Not trying to be negative – it’s just that sometimes we forget times like these as life goes on and these are the little things that keep you from cutting your wrists……….love you and yours!

  4. Katia

    Absolutely precious!!!! I apparently had the same sort of relationship with my little sister, but that deteriorated by the time I turned about 12. It took about 10 years to snap out of it, but she’s my best friend now 🙂

  5. jenny

    i teared up at work. my boss asked me if i was ok. I told him about this post (oops. web browsing at work, but at least it was close to lunch time) and he got all quiet and said to me- when you become a parent someday, jenny… those are the moments, the moments you have to hold onto and think about when your 13yr old daughter goes 1000 minutes over her cell phone plan and sends 400 text msgs and you find a nice little $900 phone bill in your mailbox. Those moments, they will remind why you even agreed to have those damn kids in the first place.

    he asked me to respond to your post and tell you that. heh.

  6. katie

    it’s nice to know that kids still have that kind of childhood. i’m glad you are giving them that. because most of the kids i’m around (not mine) sit in front of the tv playing gameboy.

  7. YouR SiS CaitLiN

    that sophie…she is so damn cute i could eat her up, of course, she did tell me that i couldn’t eat her up because she’s “not dinner,” but still. 🙂 i love you and your sweet kids!!

  8. jenB

    13 years old with a cell phone? i must be REALLY old fashioned, because NO WAY man.

    that is so cute, and you have already written it down here for them. you can read it later on whenever you like. 🙂

  9. jenny r

    Kids demand cell phones at 13 and they text message all over the place and IM and all that mess.

    But yes, that is sweet. I like looking in my rear-view mirror to see my girls holding hands in the back seat. It makes me really proud.


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