I keep almost finding time to get on the computer.  Almost.  I took lots of pictures lately that I want to download, if I can, and post.  So, I’m off to give it a whirl, and I’ll  try and get back soonish. 

I was the token asshole parent at the park today, by the way.  You know there’s always one.  The one the other nice parents shake their heads about when the asshole one isn’t looking.  Lexy got his cast off and is going to get a splint tomorrow, but is supposed to, doctor’s orders, take it easy for awhile.  He was tearing around the playground and I kept hissing at him.  I even chewed him out when he fell down and cradled his arm, because I was so mad at him for not listening to me.  Luckily he was okay.  Anyway, not knowing the backstory, I’m sure the other grown ups around thought I was awful.  Really, though, I think we are done with casts. 

Let’s see if the pictures will load.

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