I rule

While Nate took his bath, Willow slept, and Lex and Sophie played video games, I FIXED THE SINK!  I feel like such a rock star.  It’s been draining so slowly for so long, and I have tried before to get it working better.  Tonight I just had a feeling I ought to give it one more try.  And now, when the kids brush their teeth, the sink doesn’t flood onto the floor.  YAY!! 

I have no earthly idea how I fixed it because I did exactly what I did the last few times.  I do know better than to question my success. 

And, also here is a picture (not so great, I took it myself) of my snapshirt. 


I like it, but I’m afraid that the decal isn’t going to wear too well.  Overall, I’d have to recommend the Fussy shirt. (scroll down, you will know it when you see it)   It is to shirts what the wonderbra is to bras. 


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