I take my snack day for Nate’s class way too seriously.  I bought pretzels and apple slices.  I counted out forty sandwich bags and I put four apple slices in twenty of them and ten mini pretzels in the other twenty.  I got out a tupperware bowl for the broken pretzels, because I only give out whole pretzels to avoid fights.  You know they would.  The cool thing was that I confirmed my suspected super power of estimation.  I didn’t count apples or pretzels, but I had just enough of each to fill the bags.  I couldn’t have made twenty one bags of either.  And, when I do the laundry and I’m hanging up clothes I can almost always grab the exact number of hangars without counting.  When I was a waitress I would pick up stacks of forks or napkins or whatever, and they’d usually be what I needed. 

I’m making myself a cape.  I’ll take suggestions for names.  Nice only.

Sophie was to bring to school this morning either a photo of herself with a pet or a photo/drawing of her favorite animal.  Here are the pictures she brought:



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  1. Jen

    Yeah, she’s cute alright. . . because she gets into so much trouble nature decided to give her a defense! It’s too bad the snake was about to shed in that photo; he’s a really nice looking thing. I still want a kitten, though. Even a dog. Something furry and warm that doesn’t complain.


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