I was so stressed out about getting things done for the holidays that I made John take the day off today (he was already off, but someone wanted him to sub and I made him say no) so I could get things done.  It’s nearly eleven, I am in my pajamas and haven’t showered.  So far I finished a scarf, wrapped a couple of gifts, and read the last three days worth of newspapers that I was behind on.  I guess I got more done yesterday than I thought.  Now it’s off to drop things at goodwill, put some gifts under the tree at my mom’s house, go to the post office and take Nate to the doctor. 

Lex and I scrapped The Raven plan, and I found him a sweet and simple Shel Silverstein poem instead.  I emailed his teacher late last night, telling her what was going on.  He is supposed to do his oral presentation on Friday, so she is going to give him until then to turn everything in.  I found a poetry packet on the Shel Silverstein webiste, and I am making him do it and turn it in as a sort of extra project for being late.  Also, rather than artwork, he will write a small report.  Hopefully he will get the message that slacking generally = much more work than if you just shut up and do it in the first place.  We will see. 

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  1. Dixie

    Wish I had someone teach me the knock-off-slacking lesson back when I was Lex’s age. Jeez, I still haven’t learned it which is why I’ve been moved in for a month and I still have 12 boxes to unpack.

    Hope the holiday preparations get easier on you.

  2. Marsha

    I am such a slacker I feel like a hypocrit preaching to my daughter. I want her to be better, right?

    One time she had an art project due, and since we are not artistic at all, I invited over some of my artistic friends to “dinner” and asked for tips. They made a really great project, and Mandy and I, well we pretended to help. I cannot even count the nights I have stayed up late coloring maps or whatever. She is on the honor roll in high school, so I don’t think she was too badly scared by my horrid parenting.

    I love Shel Silverstein, especially Little Peggy Anne McKay.

  3. jess

    Hi momma, ope the preparations are going well and festivly. Sounds like a good lesson, Lex is lucky to have you. Take care and i hope your family is healthy and happy.



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