I’ll show YOU a fire

You know, things like this make me REALLY ANGRY.  The story does address how ridiculous the whole thing is, but what makes me so furious is everyone standing around wringing their hands over the law.  They all agree that she should have been an exception, but! you know! the law and everything.  I wonder if a male candidate were hospitalized for, oh, say, burns he sustained fighting a fire or a hernia or whatever, he would have been given the test in hospital with no hassles.  I think he would’ve. 

AND, her insurance wouldn’t let her return to her inpatient status, so she had to come to the hospital every four to five hours to nurse her baby.  I have nursed four newborns and I can tell you that is not even close to enough.  In my experience, a newborn needs to nurse pretty much nonstop.  With tiny breaks to sleep and poop.  Really, five hours?  Maybe for a formula fed baby, but not one nursing.  And, if you have given birth, you know that it can leave you feeling like you ran a marathon, backwards, in spike heels with a fifty pound bag of sand tied to your head.  And that is an easy after birth sorta feeling.  If she hadn’t passed that exam (she actually kicked some ass and almost totally aced it) and had been denied her promotion it would have been an injustice, to her and her child, as well.  Again, I wonder if a male candidate were hospitalized for exhaustion if he’d be given a pass.  Sadly, I also wonder that if a female candidate were in hospital for pretty much anything other than childbirth if she would have had no problems. 

The world needs to quit picking on mamas. 

4 thoughts on “I’ll show YOU a fire

  1. jenny r

    If they could have an ambulance at the test site, I totally don’t get why they couldn’t have a proctor at the hospital. I agree that mothers should stop being treated like prisoners with a ball chained to their ankle. OH how inconvenient for you! Maybe when the baby is older you can play LIFE with the rest of us!

  2. Eve

    Man my PMS is majorly flairing up and this isn’t helping. If nothing else, WHY THE FUCK couldn’t she go and sit with her baby as much as she wanted.

  3. TitanKT

    I read that same article from a different paper (more local than Yahoo News). What I read in the article was that if a ANY fire fighter were injured in the line of duty and missed the test… he or she would have to wait, too. This situation may be unfair, but this woman was NOT singled out.


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