I’m a lonely little petunia in a pumpkin patch

It’s been raining here and so I got to wear my groovy rain boots.  People who say money can’t buy happiness are mistaken.  My happiness was only 20 bux last year on ebay.

Sophie has a field trip scheduled on Wednesday.  Two words:  Pumpkin Patch.  No, make that three words:

She’s so excited that she spits whenever she talks about it and I have to step back with my hands out over my face.  But, today — today her teacher told the class that if it’s raining like this on Wednesday the trip may be canceled. 

Obviously, she doesn’t know that Sophie will torment her all day long if they are stuck at school.  Oh, they’ll be going to the pumpkin patch one way or another.  Sophie has already got her umbrella out and ready.  I watched her kneel down in front of the fridge tonight while I packed up tomorrow’s lunches.  She said (I swear she is Salvador Dali reincarnated.  It so totally fits.) Please Lord of the Flies or Jesus or God DO NOT let it rain on Wednesday.  Or I will faint and go to heaven and you will see me there.  Amen.    (That "see me there" part? A TOTAL THREAT)

I asked her if she was praying to the fridge (which, okay, I did clean it out really well yesterday so I get that) and she turned her firy, withering gaze upon me and said It CANNOT rain on Wednesday with no trace of a smile.

I looked at her and said, Dude, I *know*  That would be rotten. 

MOM! Give me a marker so I can write it on the calandar!


(yes, it says Feld Thrip!!)

Then, after she finished writing, she turned to me and laughed.  You called me dude!  she shrieked. 

So, um, Lord of the Flies, Jesus & God — please make it so that Wednesday is dry enough for the first graders to go to the Pumpkin Patch on the BUS.  p l e a s e.


6 thoughts on “I’m a lonely little petunia in a pumpkin patch

  1. Kimmie

    I sooooo said that prayer Sunday night before my kindergarteners field trip to the patch yesterday.

    My third grader is at the children’s museum today. Rain makes no difference there. LOL

  2. Mama Bear

    Love Field Thrips! Miss 9 would have spelled it exactly that way; oh wait on second thought she would have left out the R. Or perhaps it would have been a Feed Thip. She has a LD that proves interesting when it comes to spelling and the middle letter sounds. Send the rain to our area of the world! We would love some!


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