It’s educational already

My three older kids flew to Washington DC this morning with their dad and stepmom.  Lex and I texted back and forth until nearly noon about the weather delay and when they might actually get to take off.  I’m such a mom; I told him in one text to drink lots of water instead of soda so that he would feel better later on.  If there is a text symbol for eye rolling, he kindly did not send it to me.  Or, maybe he did and I just didn’t recognize it.  That’s even worse than telling him to drink water instead of soda in the first place. 

While they were still in the air, I sent him a text that said, Welcome to DC, enjoy your stay!  He wrote back later to let me know they’d landed, and then he sent another note:  Guess what?  I replied, What? 

And, HE said (my 13 year old son), I just saw my first hooker.

I wrote and deleted several different replies, before finally just sending him a That’s nice, honey

They called to say goodnight around 9 our time, but after midnight there.  They were sort of getting settled for the night, at least I could hear them being told to get some sleep, and tomorrow they will go to the White House. I bet Sophie thinks this means she’ll get a private audience with The President. 

While that all happens, Willow and I are maybe going to the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park.  Or maybe a movie.  She also mentioned staying home and trying to make pretzels in the Easy Bake Oven.  She’s so sweet, wanting to save cookies for her siblings for when they get back, and asking why she can’t send them postcards. 

Ok.  SG brought over a copy of The Last Picture Show (from the library) so I think we will go watch ten minutes until we fall asleep.           

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