Just another tricky day for you

Some of my favorite women have recently put up detailed recaps of their days.  I’ve wanted to do the same because I want to be able to look back at it later and because sometimes people say they read my site to see what life with lots (though, that’s relative) of kids is like.  SO, here’s a recap of my day.  It’s very long and boring, but I’m glad I did it.

1::00 (ish) Willow finds me in my bed gets in.  (Starting in the am, here)
2:00 (ish) Nathan needs ice water and for me to sleep next to him in his bed.
3:15 (ish)I hear Soph crying and looking for me
3:16 Hear her say the words, "I’m wet."
3:17 To the bathroom.  Wet pj’s off and into the sink.  Start warm strawberrry shortcake bubble bath.  Get Soph settled and go strip bedsheets.
3:19 Carry bedclothes to washer, get pee on my pj bottoms.  curse. put everything into washer while in my underwear. 
3:20 find new pj pants, check on soph.  clean sink.  remember that i set the coffee pot to auto and feel happy.  remember that i have to get up at 5:20 and that is WHY the coffee pot is set to auto.  feel sad.
3:40 Back to Soph’s room, get her in fresh pj’s, willow comes in
3:42 all three of us in willow’s bed, me in the middle with an arm around each girl
3:45 start falling back to sleep
3:46 realize willow is figety
3:47 take willow to pee, but she needs milk first
3:54 back to bed
5:05 wake up from waitressing nightmare (which included dozens of baby raccoons!)  to willow snoring
5:18 fall back to sleep
5:20 John finds me to tell me it’s 5:20, goes back to bed
5:22 I stumble to couch, get laptop and start list
5:23 hear coffee pot start *hooray* discover huge zit on chin
5:29 get coffee, start morning job
5:30 no wireless
5:31 power cycle router, take medicine.  Cold, find socks
5:35 start work
5:45 start work (got sidetracked by email)
6:10 take break to get more coffee and sign up for 2000 bloggers
6:20 back to work
6:48 Nathan up to snuggle with me on couch while I work
7:05 take a break to wake up girls and get everyone ready for school.  Glad I packed lunches last night.
7:30 Willow VERY cranky   
and will sit with on only me. Says her ear hurts when I brush her hair
7:31 look in her ear using flashlight and broken otoscope.  Very red. Nix preschool for today.
7:32 Dose W with motrin, call pediatrician for appointment
7:37 Talk to nurse Get appointment for 3:50.  Must try to get playdate for other kids after school. 
7:40 John gets breakfast for Soph (oatmeal) and Nate (cereal)
7:42 Lex forced to eat apple for breakfast.  tragic!
7:45 Brush Soph’s hair and teeth.  She wants up-high pigtails
7:50 John takes Soph to before-school daycare
7:51 Brush and floss Nate and Lex’s teeth.
8:00 Nate puts on video for Willow
8:07 John leaves for work, takes boys to school.  Back to sit on couch and work, W plays with wooden blocks and watches movie
8:14 lose wireless, reset router
8:15 Willow feels better, wants to go to school, I say no, put on another movie
8:16 back to work
8:20 finish work — will have to send some work related emails this afternoon, tho
8:21 new movie for Willow charge ipods for boys in case they have to come with us to doctor this afternoon, play with willow couple a minutes
8:27 shower!  leave Willow with some string cheese and crackers, hope she’ll eat a little of it
8:50 pack up crayons, paper, and carebears and head out for my doctor appt.
8:56 in van with Willow.  She’s singing Bella Notte to her Tramp dog
9:00 MAJOR freeway traffic!  Must take surface streets, going to be late!
9:03 Willow wants to go home.  Put on Cat Stevens to cheer her up.
9:07 File broken fingernail while driving.  Willow requests Take the Skinheads Bowling.
9:08 Singalong!
9:14 Park in lot, one minute to spare.
9:18 Check in at doctor.
9:19 I’m in wrong place. Go down hall, check in again  Very warm in here. Willow drawing.
9:23 Blood pressure and weight.
9:30 Called to see doctor.
9:42 Done with doctor appt.  Fastest office visit EVER
9:43 Take Willow to potty
9:48 To waiting room.Willow and I draw.  she requests reindeer  i fail miserably
10:08 Get prescription for new allergy medicine.
10:11 Start van, head to hospital pharmacy.
10:33 Done with pharmacy, headed home. (remember to ask John to be home from work by 9:30 so I can get back to pharmacy before they close at 10 tonight)
10:55 Breakfast — sprouted whole grain cereal and soy milk (both sugar free) for me, oatmeal for Willow, who wants me to feed her.
11:15 Lady and the Tramp for Willow, check email, balance checkbook while she plays with stuffed animals and watches tv at my feet
11:27 lose wireless, go reset router
11:34 add photo to website for 2000 bloggers
11:36 figure out that 2000 Bloggers is off, take down post
11:38 finish up work emails from morning
12:07 done with work stuff, update this list!
12:14 Start Blogging Baby post
12:16 remember I forgot to find someone for Soph to go home with after school, make call while researching topic for BB post. SLEEPY
12:37 partway through post. Phone busy.  Headache — BAD one, take tylenol, get big glass of water with cranberry juice.  Put on Winnie the Pooh for Willow, who isn’t feeling too great.
12:50 Recheck Willow’s ear.  She says it doesn’t hurt.  Looks red to me.
12:51 Leave message with Soph’s friend’s mom for playdate. 
1:08 Finish BB post, check work email accts
1:13 Done with email, now going to clean kitchen!
1:18 Remember laundry in washer! Switch to dryer.
1:19 Phone rings; friend M is around corner, going to stop by. Wish I had time to clean up more.
1:28 M here!
1:48 Finished kitchen, time to visit with M,
1:55 Give Willow her snack for preschool that I packed last night (apple, cheese, juice box )Take my medicine.
2:31 M leaves, get ready to pick up kids and go to Willow’s doctor.  Eat handful of almonds.  Remember Lex’s ipod but can’t find his headphones.  Get mine.  Hope to score Soph a playdate at after-school pick up.
2:40 Go get kids from school (my other three plus C — the one who hangs out with us after school every day)
2:46 Lex calls while I’m driving to school wanting to know if they have to go to Willow’s appt.  Soda from the office vending machine is promised
2:50 At school.  Strike out on playdate for Soph.  The one offer we get, she refuses.  Nate will not come to car because he does not want to go to doctor’s office.
3:10 Finally get everyone to car, head to appt.  Lex plugs shuffle into car stereo.  We listen to White and Nerdy, by Weird Al, Sweet Home Alabama, and Takin’ Care of Business.
3:20 At doctor.  Fast visit — her ear is way infected.  Medicines prescribed.  We are out the door with meds and back in the van by
4:03 Head for home.  Listen to White and Nerdy, Stairway to Heaven, What I Got (Sublime) and some All American Rejects song. realize, yet again, that my musical tastes differ from my kids. 
4:17 Home.  Say hello to neighbor who is taking photographs in front yard
4:21 Inside.  Grab handful of almonds, start Cars dvd for girls.
4:29 Give Willow her medicine.  She HATES it.
4:31 Soph hungry.  Get her an apple and heat up leftover mac and cheese.  (she ate two bowls !!)Willow wants some, too.  Still have headache.  More water and cranberry juice and advil.  Eat leftover cold chili — very good, wish I could have beer with it.
4:38 update list, check email, email john about getting home by 9:30
4:52 Nate wants cereal now, now, now
4:53 get cereal, glue felt heart back on mobile, so I can photograph and post photo for Lorelei
4:56 john calls to check in, says he will get home tonight asap so i can go.  Realize this means I can’t have a beer until after ten.  try not to cry.
5:03 off phone, answer blog comments
5:19 Doorbell — C’s dad here to get him
5:20 back to email/comments
5:21 Nate and Soph fighting call each other bitch
5:22 Open beer — don’t have to drive for four more hours.  Lex needs help with math homework
5:26 He figures it out at the same exact time I do.  Guess this is about the last time I’ll be able to help him!
5:30 start this blog entry
5:51 start supper
6:03 Soph cleans kitchen table while I eat brown rice with tamari and sesame oil and make supper for the kids (cheese pizza, chicken, corn, bread — all from TJ’s.  No cooking, just heating stuff up)
6:15 kids eating while I hang out with them
6:20 check email, fold laundry
6:25 laundry away, make sophie’s bed, kids done eating, spazzing right out
6:43 clean up kitchen, ask Lex to shower.
6:59 finish dishes, take last swig of beer
7:00 sweep, take out garbage and recycling,check snail mail
7:05 Lex in shower
7:06 Lex’s shower very short due to spider on ceiling
7:10 relocate spider, start bath for girls
7:15 add bath salts to girls’ bath, remember when boys were little and they took lavender and chamomile baths and loved doing it. Lex starts watching Harry Potter (2, I think) with bathtowel wrapped around his head
7:16 need to clean table and kitchen countertops, Sophie used all the spray, make more from concentrate (meyer’s clean day, lemon verbena)
7:17 wipe down table and countertops
7:20 find pencil for nate
7:24 load washer and set timer for nine hours
7:29 girls out of bath
7:30 squeeze water out of several dozen rubber ducks
7:32 help nate with homework
8:01 Get pj’s for nekkid girls, drink of water for soph, kids all watching harry potter 3
8:03 return phone call, leave message
8:04 check email accounts– no wireless, reset router
8:05 wireless back, check work emails
8:10 email done, time to delete spam
8:16 should put kids to bed, going to read a couple of blogs instead
8:19 laugh at this post
8:24 going to get girls ready for bed (brush and floss teeth, potty visit, all that)
8:32 get tiny phillips screwdriver for nate so he can take apart pencil sharpener
8:33 wonder about my judgment, go help lex with teeth
8:35 help Nate with teeth, see that he’s put sharpener back together with blade in place.
8:45 lights out girls fighting *sigh* get between them, soph turns on Flower Fairies cd, boys listen to newest Boomerang. 
8:46 I knock on wall and yell at boys to be quiet
Willow is snoring by the C song (Columbine) and Soph falls asleep during the G one (Gorse) i start to nod off during H (Half-penny) and get out of bed during I (Iris)
9:04 time to pack Soph’s lunch for tomorrow and clean out Nate’s stinky lunchbox
9:07 nate up for water wants me to lay down in the boys’ room
9:08 pack soph’s lunch: apple, almonds, corn chips, pb & j, slice of leftover cheese pizza, and two juice boxes (i used to be SO GOOD about water, and whenever they are with me at trader joe’s i buy juice
9:18 get coffee ready for tomorrow– set for 6:30 (luxury of sleeping in. . . ), put on boots hoping john will get back so I can go to pharmacy.  Cold.  thinking of changing into flannel pj’s before i go. 
9:31 still no john, will start bb post
9:35 john here, save post and go to hospital
10:25 home again!  beer, pj’s, warm socks, write bb post except for photo (which will have to wait for tomorrow) and make a last check of email accounts. cranky because medi-cal won’t cover other allergy meds, and am given generic claritin (which i already take) and must go back in a week or so to get other med that cannot be filled until paperwork is completed. 
11:23 ack!  I suck at writing directions (the post was about how to make a heart mobile)
11:24 update blog
11:32 finishing beer, doing mental inventory of all the stuff I didn’t get to today: wash van, triage bathrooms, clean up in bedroom, (more) laundry, clean out fridge, finish up living room rearranging, and on and on and on
11:34 was terribly afraid as a kid at this time of night because the digital clock said "hell" if it was upside down.
11:35 wander around internet, finish beer, go brush teeth, floss
12:08 go.to.sleep.

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  1. Marsha

    Remind me to never get a wireless router. My health care will only pay for Claritin which does not work as well, I miss allegra but they say it costs too much, I say Claritin doesn’t work, I think they are sugar pills. I hope you get more sleep, at least the time change won’t bother you so much while you travel the world, since you never sleep.


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