Krazy, but true

Two things.
1) This guy totally tried to put the moves on me at a bar once about twelve years ago.

2) I never told you any of the outright bizarre stories I witnessed while sitting in the county hospital waiting room for seven hours last month.  So, here’s one (under the jump) and if you like it, there are more!

I wasn’t feeling too swell while I waited (andwaitedandwaitedandwaited) to be seen for the lightheadeness and heart palpitations I was having.  I was too eck to read, so I watched people.  After I’d been there for maybe an hour, a guy came in with a group of other guys.  The injured man didn’t speak english, so one of the guys in his group helped him get checked in.  (But, considering that almost all the employees there speak Spanish, I think he was trying to make sure that he helped the guy out so he wouldn’t sue him.)  Turns out (yes, I was eavesdropping, I was dreadfully bored) that he’d been helping this guy move office furniture when something really gruesome happened.  They were carrying a desk, and it fell to the ground with his finger under the bottom edge.  It cut part of his finger off, and the poor guy had it with him, packed in a disposable soda cup with ice. 

When I was seen six hours later, he was still sitting there, huge bandages wrapped around his hand, his sad and soggy cup in the window sill.  I nearly gagged every time I looked at it, because all I could think of was that finger bit, floating around in all that melted ice water. 

Damn, I wish I could find out what happened to him.  Who was it?  Badger, I think, that said how great it would be if everyone blogged so you could hear the end to stories like these.

5 thoughts on “Krazy, but true

  1. Heather

    I want to urp, much like your garbage disposal, at the thought of that fingertip sitting in the windowsill. Was the sun shining through it? Was the ice melting?

    This might keep me up all night. But even if that guy did have a blog? He would have a hard time typing about it, unless it was his thumb or pinky….

  2. Marsha

    More stories! I once cut off the very tip of my finger slicing potatoes, and I blogged about it! It pretty much grew back and I threw away the tip, which I found when I returned home from the ER. It took 2 days to stop the bleeding.


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