Like a Boss

Sophie strikes again

This is what happens when you let Sophie tell the robot what to spell.
Well.  November went KABLOOEY on me – so much for NaBloPoMo.  Sometime last month, the 12th?, I honestly can’t remember the date, Nate broke his arm and is now missing out on his 8th grade wrestling season after (I think) being unofficially ranked #1 in the county for his weight class.  A couple of days after he broke his arm, he had surgery to put a screw through his elbow to make sure everything healed properly.  Then he got a purple cast and stopped showering regularly.  
The very same day as his surgery I got on a plane and went to Palm Springs to attend Camp Mighty.  The Mother of the Year award is all mine, so step back. 
It was my first time in Palm Springs.  I spent a lot of it going, WOW there are so many palm trees here!  And tall mountains!  It was lovely to see so many old friends and meet a whole bunch of new ones.  I brought both my instant cameras and took a bunch of cruddy photos.  Which, totally NOT on my lifelist. 

ace hotel palm springs 002


ace hotel palm springs 003

I had a great massage, which WAS on my lifelist (to get one IN Palm Springs) and which I can now cross off.  The Ace Hotel is super duper hipster.  I came home and started drinking coffee again and listening to The Shins.  I’m not even joking.  However, I am not cool enough to stay up this late, so I’m going to call it a night.  

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