little anarchist at blogging camp

  little anarchist at blogging camp 
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Here’s a photo taken by Badger of my littlest anarchist.  Really, ALL children her age are anarchists.  Well, hmm.  Okay, maybe just mine.  What’s funny is that this photo sort of led to this flickr pool. (see the icon?)  So, carry your camera with you and look for some anarchist street art to send in.

Like my friend (BabyO’s mom, M) and I were discussing this morning; it’s much easier to be an anarchist when you don’t have children.  We think we’re kinda liking many of the laws in place to keep our kids safe.  Course, there are always some that we could do without. 

I’m trying to understand the motivation behind the people who put up the quarter mile barbed wire fence down south.  Am I right in understanding that these people oppose "illegal" immigration because they feel that the immigrants are getting something for nothing?  Free health care!  At the taxpayer’s expense!  Yeah.  So, living in fear and, usually, poverty, working and working and working to help yourself and your family, and then when you’re really tired and absolutely need to rest, working some more.  That’s all done to take advantage of the piddly amount of taxes that the fence guys pay?  No.  I bet the fence guys taxes don’t even cover the things that the government provides for them and their families.  Immigrants do not get something for nothing.  What they get is pretty much screwed by the United States.  I think they should get MORE services, amnesty, and a big fat check to go buy things to send their children living hundreds of miles away.  Isn’t that what the whole "trickle down" theory is all about? 

Eh.  This is why I don’t blog politics; I get too hepped up to make sense.  But, you get my gist, I think.

Here’s more on the subject at BlogHer (thanks again to Badger for the link).

2 thoughts on “little anarchist at blogging camp

  1. Jenny

    Well said. I totally agree and have been too ticked about it to make a coherent thought.

    I posted a little anarchist video today.

  2. Marsha

    I get too ticked off about politics to put my thoughts into coherent sense. I thought you did a great job.

    My retired parents go across the border into Mexico for most of their medical needs, dental, cataracts, prescription, etc.

    I believe the minimum wage should apply to all humans regardless of nationality. Not very Anarchist of me.


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