Look out

cause the pendulum is currently swinging toward "happy."

Often John and I will talk about something unusual, only to look up from our conversation and see that thing on a billboard or something similar.  It’s weird and it happens all the time.  All the time, being, like, at least ten times in the past few years.  Sunday, as we drove from the library to the grocery store, he told me that when JFK said he was a Berliner, what he said translated to I am a jelly donught.  And I said that nooooo, that had to be an urban legend.  We talked about sandwiches and hamburgers and food named for places and people and decided to google it later.  We then of course forgot all about it until

I was reading the East Village Inky today and there it was.  Not an urban legend, after all.  Also once in the EVI, she drew her husband wearing the same TinTin in Tibet shirt that John has.  This, and other things, prompted me to tell her when I met her that I felt like she was my best friend that I’d never met.  I said it so horribly ineloquently that not only did I embarass myself, she probably thought I was some weird stalker.  Sometimes I can be cool with the famous people I admire, but usually not.  And, HEY, what is with the bimbo on Amazon who complained in her review of the Big Rumpus that Ayun uses run on sentences "alot."  People like that make me crazy.  She probably takes her dog out for it’s walk with the coller on to tite.  (I warned you that I’m all weirdly happy.)

Tonight when I put the kids to bed, Willow held in till 11pm, saying "Bayer, bayer, houssss."  She wanted, desperately, with an addict’s longing, to watch just another episode of Bear in the Big Blue House.  But, "No," I told her, "It is Night.  See the dark sky."  And she *sighed* put her head on my shoulder and wiggled like a coked up fish out of water for a few minutes before suddenly snoring really softly.

I then hopped up, put on my shoes, grabbed the grocery list and cupon for $20 off that was set to expire at midnight, found my purse, realized the wallet was gone, tried to figure out if that was bad, remembered ordering the part (the shim bottom hinge) and found the wallet by the computer and grabbed the cell phone and keys and left the house to grocery shop at 11:25pm.  I don’t normally do the bulk of our shopping there, but the cupon helped me think of things (q-tips, tp, cleaning products, baking supplies for Willow’s cake, coffee filters, eh, this is getting old) that I could get there.  I got $35 off the total, which is very good, and worth shopping at midnight.  It felt good to be able to purchase what we needed without worrying.  Things are finally starting to ease up for us financially a little, (I don’t want to temp fate by saying it big, you know?) though we have borrowed or been given enough money by some of our family members to, well, what’s a good analagy?  The people who gave and loaned us money could have gone to Europe with what they directed our way.  With a friend or two.  For a month or two.  You get the idea.  If not for them our geese would be fried.  We are very grateful.

Now that Willow is turning two, I feel enough time has passed for me to process all the scary crap that happened during the pregnancy and birth.  (scroll to the bottom of those if you click over)  So, I was googling the condition that I may or may not have had.  It’s called HELLP Syndrome.  I think the majority of the doctors thought that I got sick from taking Aleve (on doctor’s orders for migraines that made me almost totally blind, and made it very hard to get up much less take care of three kids and myself) but now I’m not so sure.  I had the symptoms before I took the meds, but I also got better without the baby being born, which is not the norm.  Anyhow, I don’t want to blame my doctor, but I want to know what happened and why it did.  I’ll have to keep checking into things.  I heard that my case was written up for a medical journal.  I have no idea if regular folks can get access to something like that, but you know I’d love to read what they wrote. 

And now, I must sleep.

Oh one more thing.  Nate has a tiny little journal.  He came to me today with it and a pen and asked how to spell "sister."  I looked and he’d written, "I like my sister."  He and Willow are close, so I thought it was about her.  But he told me that he and Sophie are friends now and he wanted to write that so that if he got mad at her he could go to his room and read it to help him get over it.  You have no idea what a big deal that is.  NO IDEA!! 



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  1. shannon

    You can totoally find the article – if you have a university near you that’s probably the best place to go – just ask the research librarian to point you in the right direction.


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