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What? You don't know about Love Thursday?

Willow really wanted to ride her scooter to school today.  I work from home on Thursdays, and so instead of going to day care, she sleeps in and plays with her dolls and animals for a spell before school.  I promised her that she could ride to school, but I got wrapped up in work stuff and by the time we were ready to go, school had already started. 

But, you know, I'd promised.  I wish I could say that I always keep my promises.  I don't.  Stuff happens and I often don't think things through before talking.  I buckled her into her car seat, telling her we were late, that the other kids were on the carpet already, singing the Good Morning Song.  That we'd scooter to school another day.  I think maybe I told her that last Thursday, too.  She sighed and shivered and crossed her little arms.  Want a jacket? I asked her.  She nodded.  When I came back with her sweater, I unbuckled her.  Hop out and get your helmet on, I told her, I will carry your backpack.

It was worth being a half hour late just to get to walk behind her for that half mile.  I swear her little feet were smiling as she rode the scooter down the sidewalk.  We got to school and she had a cute substitute teacher from Kentucky.  Willow! he read from her late slip, We just were talking about your beautiful name a few minutes ago.  I'm so glad you are here.

I snuck out the back door, stashed her scooter and helmet near the class, and walked back home.  It was a pretty, pretty day. 

I hopped on a quick call for work while I walked, and then I went to have lunch with the awesome woman behind this film:

And this website

We sat in the restaurant and talked like old friends and I cannot *wait* to see her film.  Thea lives in Scotland, and it's funny that today was the first time we
met, because we went to the same high school.  SG remembers hanging out
with her when they both were at the same junior college (the one I was
at, too, though I didn't meet either of them there).  We lived within a
few miles of each other for years and years, but I was recently
introduced to her via email by a guy in England who I was introduced to
via email by my friend and former coworker, Kristy.   Sometimes the world taps you on the shoulder and reminds you that it's small. 

Later on near the end of the day, Nathan got out his yoyo.  SG picked it up and put the loop around his finger, winding the string like he'd done it before.  Sure enough, within seconds the yoyo was spinning at the end of the string near the floor until he flicked his wrist and brought it back up to his palm.  Nate watched him, mouth open in astonishment even though he was grinning.  SG did a few other tricks and then said that he hadn't picked up a yoyo since he was Nate's age.  I stood there watching, grinning myself, because yoyo tricks were making me fall more in love. 

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  1. SD's Husband

    Now THAT is the way to kick some ass as a parent. Kudos to you for doing for Willow what we all probably need to do more in life. Dial it down and enjoy it. I’m really hoping that my daughter’s school will just blindly accept “parental indifference” as a good excuse for her being late from time to time. Otherwise I may end up using all the good ones too quickly.


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