Love Thursday ~ beach glass


SG and I spent all of last week in Maui.  Eight perfect, warm days; seven warm, breezy nights; nine or more dives (for him); something like sixteen snorkely swims (together); lots and lots of sea turtles; almost as many rays; uncountable numbers of fish; one reef shark; two or three eels (the one I saw? definitely a sea serpent); three solo swims as the sun came up over my left shoulder; seven awesome dinners out; two books read; and one batch of (soggy) tequila-lime popcorn eaten on the couch while watching a movie.

Today is the first anniversary of our Not-Date.  We met after work on a Wednesday.  He bought me a drink, we sat and talked, and then we walked over to the swank kitchen store so I could buy a new saute pan.  (Told you it was a Not-Date.)  I picked out a nice one, because I wanted to a) be good to myself, and, b) show off.  He surprised me by buying it for me.

Since we were in Hawaii, we celebrated our first anniversary just a little bit early, at Mama's Fish House in Paia.  (Be warned, their site plays music.)  The food was so good.  Really, really incredible.  I love how on the menu they list who caught the fish and where and on what boat.  We sat at a table near the open windows and ordered a bottle of Charles Heidsieck.  We clinked our glasses together, they were all sparkly in the dim restaurant, and SG said, To our first awesome year together.  I said nothing, because I was crying a little because — dude, I am so happy.  He loves that I'm a dork.  Really. 

One afternoon we were snorkeling at Ahihi, and I noticed some beach glass twinkling in the lava rocks.  The more pieces I picked up, the more I saw.  It was everywhere, and I ended up with a big handful.  That lovely piece in the photo was in my hand with a bunch of others and I noticed that it was heart-shaped.  I'm tempted to write about how beach glass is one of those things that gets more beautiful the more it's tossed by the sea and crashed into rocks, and how, sometimes, people and their hearts are that way, too.  That whole strength by fire thing.  Smoothing out the sharp edges by sea water and rocks and sand.  But that would be too much, even for me. 


A few more pieces of glass from Ahihi.

6 thoughts on “Love Thursday ~ beach glass

  1. Viellefemme

    So, the heartshaped beachglass? Yeah, you have to find someone to make that into a piece of jewelry and wear it always.

  2. jenijen

    e – Mwahahahaa!

    bad mummy – Thanks for the comment! I’m not sure what to do with mine. The pieces are much smaller than they look in the photos. I might make a necklace or ring from the heart-shaped piece, though. (actually, have it made. not a jeweler, unfortunately!)


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