manual labor

I spent the morning putting together a bookshelf for the boys, which I secured to the wall and got partway filled up with books before having to give up because the girls were making a horrible mess with all the boys’ stuff. 

This afternoon, I decided to FINALLY investigate the bathroom sink which has been draining v e r y   s l o w l y for the past few days weeks.  See the proof below:


I found a penny in the u-bend catch thing (which I bought and installed my own self awhile back) and it drains a little better, though not much.  I think the real problem is somewhere in the thirty year old (and then some) pipes that lead from the drain to the scary place under the house.  I got out my plumber’s snake (I have two) and tried to clear it out, but the snake wouldn’t go in and I did NOT want to break a hole in that pipe like I did with the drain the last time I tried to fix this.  When I took everything apart initially, the first thing I thought as the wretchedly icky gloopy slimy water got all over my hands was, "Thank Jeezus I am not a plumber.  I will never make fun of them again.  And why oh why don’t they make the pipes out of some aromatherapy infused something to keep me from barfing under the sink?  Also, I don’t think I will ever eat with my hands again."

5 thoughts on “manual labor

  1. Candy

    First of all, I’m in awe that you did that yourself. I mean, why else did God make husbands, if not to do the dirty work.

    Second…isn’t it amazing we can change dirty diapers while munching on a Snickers, but can’t stand the muck in the drains?

    Ah, genetics.

  2. Marsha

    My husband is not at all mechanically inclined and I fix the pipes at my house too! The pipes below my daughter’s sink is always full of hair and glop. I feel for you.


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