MBP (most boring post)

I’m over the sad.  Mostly.  Went to a couple of V E R Y sweaty yoga classes and got all that gluten out of my system doing things like this:


Only I was a) not on the beach, b) in color, c) listing to the side a lot, and d) saying to my friend next to me yeeOOOOWWWfffuuuUUUuckkk helpI’mgoingsideways!
Today my back is a little tender. 

So — in the comments on that last post, the subject of chemical issues came up, and I’ve obviously been giving that some thought for a long time.  I’ve taken medication for depression before, and it was really pretty great until it just quit working.  I am thinking that the chemical issue is more than likely a gluten issue.  I want this (the gluten thing) to be all in my head, but last Friday at work (after the Thursday night cheese pizza), my eyes were so swollen all day that my eyelids disappeared.  Also, I gained four pounds overnight, my hands got swollen and arthritic and I had a headache, cried a lot and wanted to kill people. 

No more cheese pizza.  Ever.

Now I’m in that annoying phase where whenever someone else has a health problem, I’m all, You should go off gluten for a couple of weeks!  I predict that soon I will have no more friends.  (looking at watch)


Except maybe Laura.


9 thoughts on “MBP (most boring post)

  1. sarah

    I’m in that same phase: my kid was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease, so I have to ask – have you been tested for Celiac? Amy’s frozen GF cheese pizza isn’t…awful. :-/

  2. capello

    dude. going off gluten is my answer to everyone’s problems.

    the new guy my friend is dating, his daughter is TINY. i told him to take her off gluten.

    my MIL has no energy — “eat gluten-free!”

    my dad had bloodshot eyes, “gee dad, eat a gluten-free diet”

    um…. yeah…

  3. jenijen

    Hi Sarah — I have had the blood test that came back negative. The doctor wants me to do the eat gluten for six months and have a biopsy then go off it for six months and have another. I’d rather not, since the six months on would kill me.

    You should hook up with Laura! Also with my friend Steph. Her daughter has Celiac, too.

    Laura — we are right. If only everyone would LISTEN to us. . Sigh

  4. Lin

    Hey kid, glad to hear you’re feeling loads better. I think gluten intolerance is a chemical imbalance…your body can’t process gluten and creates a chemically induced havoc in your whole system…but since you know that, you’re a rock star!

  5. sarah

    Wow random, I just stumbled across the crockpot 365 blog the other day and added it to my feed because I saw she had GF stuff there. Frustrating about the biopsy – 6 months is an eternity if it makes you feel that crappy. My babyguy had negative/inconclusive blood tests, too, but I don’t believe them so we’re all off gluten now. Aaanyway, yay for gluten free (and those almond scones at whole foods).

  6. jenijen

    Sarah — so good of you to ALL go off gluten. I have to make cinnamon toast EVERY DAY. it’s torture. i realize your son is still too little to probably know otherwise, but you’re making such a lovely (and challenging) change for his benefit.

    steph is awesome. you should email her and tell her i sent you 🙂

  7. Marsha

    I do that too, if people would just listen they would feel better. LOL. I think I told you the same thing a couple of years ago, who knew you already knew it.


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