Me, I’m chasing all the orange

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Willow didn’t have class today, but we had to go to her school to select her pictures from the two-weeks-ago picture day.  They came out alright, but I’m pretending they are FABULOUS so I don’t despair over the cost. 

Dude.  The whole school photography thing is such a racket. 

After writing a fat check for a skinny stack of pictures, we headed up da fweeway to see Papa at his work.  I took that dip fast, and Willow laughed till she kinda gagged in the backseat. 

It’s hard to tell from the cruddy photo, but the top left picture is of the dip on the way back home.  I didn’t get it on the way there, because when I noticed that there were other cars on da fweeway (which, by the way, is totally just a highway) I thought I’d best put the camera up since the road is overly twisty and turny. 

I got a cruddy photo of the really pretty tree, too.  There are bunches of them peppered along the road that we take to Will’s school.  I love them.  They look like they are on fire. 


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