meet Gwendolyn

There’s the obvious reason I blog, which is that I never. ever. shut up.  Really.  Tonight at Trader Joe’s I ran into a very dear old friend I haven’t seen in two years.  Driving home I was just appalled that the whole conversation was about ME.  I just go on and on.  And then on some more.  But, beyond my need to ramble beyond belief, I love the online journaling world for the incredible people I get to "meet" that I wouldn’t otherwise know.   There are several people in the list over to your left there  who are coping with some huge things that most of us don’t deal with directly.  And they do it with humor and without whining.  They do it with a strength and grace that I don’t think I’d possess if I were faced with the things they have to shoulder.  So, it’s Saturday.  Go fix your favorite cup of tea or coffee or hot chocolate, get a big stack of kleenex and meet Gwendolyn.  You’ll certainly be better for it.

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