Sunday morning

Mini pancakes.
Medium pancakes.
Traditional sized pancakes.
Heart shaped pancakes.

Made with melted butter in the batter.  Not gluten-free.  Served with the syrup that costs more, ounce per ounce (I think) than the good tequila.

9 thoughts on “Sunday morning

  1. susan

    I gave husband the heart shape pancake thingy for Christmas, as he is the pancake chef around here. He was using cookie cutters, although the cat shape was the favorite. Love your blog, btw.

  2. Jenijen

    Thanks very much 🙂
    You know, Soph wanted to try her crown cookie cutter (gift from Granny), so maybe we will. I didn’t know how they’d hold up, since the heart pancake thingy (that’s totally the official name) is all teflon-coated and stuff. I would love to make some little bitty rabbit pancakes and star ones. . .

  3. susan

    Just make bigger pancakes than the cutter, and cut them out when they are done. My kids fight over the scraps that are left.

  4. Cassandra Nichols

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