Miss Hairdresser ~ updated!


This is one of those cases where the photo doesn’t do justice to the subject.  Sophie was making a glitter glue and construction paper collage, using kid scissors.  I guess that wasn’t creative enough for her.  Sigh.  We are off to the local kid haircut place.  I hope that they can give her a cute little Louise Brooks bob.  You can’t tell in the pictures, but there is STUBBLE on the back of her head. 






We are back from the salon.  I’m not thrilled with parts of it, but I think I can clean it up.  I want to wash it first and see how it looks.  If she hadn’t cut the side so short, she would have had a cute A-line bob, but the chunk missing out of the side wrecked it.  I guess I will cut off my hair next. 



It looks pretty good in those pictures, but the other side is sorta loopy and you can see a bald spot in the back.  It could have been MUCH worse, I know.  I’m just going to miss her cute little braids.



19 thoughts on “Miss Hairdresser ~ updated!

  1. jess

    Oh my god! I’m sorry, but that is freakin hilarious! I just cut Eliza and Parker’s hair and was wondering if she would get the idea to cut her own!

    Great photos.

  2. Jen

    Yeah. It is funny. I can’t tell people what happened with a straight face. But, I’m sorta sad about it, too. She used to have this incredible long hair down to her butt. It looked like it had been styled, but it hadn’t even been trimmed. Nothing is permanent, though.

  3. katie

    Charlotte cut her own hair with nail scissors just a few weeks ago. But she (and the twins) have little bobs, so it just got texturized a bit.

    My baby brother once gave himself a haircut at about age 3. All my brothers had that traditional little boy haircut, shaved tight on the sides and in the back with heavy bangs. Lenny cut a huge triangle out of his bangs. On Easter Sunday, right before church. I thought my mom was going to have a stroke.

    At least our kids didn’t have anywhere special to go after their self-administered trims.

  4. jess

    I’m sorry i didn’t mean to sound insensitive. I understand the attachment to that long hair that’s never been cut. Her hair cut looks really cute though.

  5. TitanKT

    There’s some good news here. First, she still looks REALLY CUTE! Second, hair grows. Sorry she hacked it, though. I can certainly understand why you were bummed about that, the braids were cute. But she can have braids again… next year. If I had a daughter, I’d want her to have long hair, too. I was made to have really short hair when I was a kid because I cut my own hair, too, and I feel like I looked like a boy in most of my childhood pictures. I have a son, though, and I keep his hair SUPER short. He has crazy cowlicks, there’s no in between, if it gets too long, he’s mowhawk boy and I can’t deal with that!

  6. DixiePeach

    I know it must be disappointing to see her hair gone in a flash but it does look pretty adorable now.

    And she’s going to have a great story to tell people forever!

  7. Liz C.

    Oh man, I feel your pain. Each of my older 3 kids has done that same sorta haircut, bald spots and all, not one but several times each. I fully expect the same of the baby, which, luckily, he’s a boy, so if he gives himself a bald spot, he’s just gonna look a lot like Mr. Clean for awhile. It’s the worst when your baby girl lops off her gorgeous long braidable hair in one go, and she cuts it in such a way that makes it almost irreparable. be glad the bald spot is in the BACK, my girls always went bald in the FRONT, right before picture day, on a SUNDAY NIGHT, when NO salon or haircutting place is open. She looks cute, tho. Not saying it all to one-up ya (not my style tho sometimes it seems to come out that way), just saying it coulda been worse, and that i feel the mama-pain on this one. you have my sympathies. hugs, Liz

  8. Jenny

    I look back and laugh when I think of the summer I spent in a pink baseball cap because I cut my own bangs. I was 8 or 9 and knew better – they were crooked and I was just leveling them. Yep, I leveled them all right. The hair dresser suggested the hat – how emberassing is that!

  9. mamadaisy

    oh, that is heartbreaking. take solace in the fact that sophie is incredibly cute with a bob — the hairdresser did a good job of salvaging it.

    my niece is 3 and her mother (a hairdresser) has never cut her hair other than her bangs. she still has her original baby curls. mom is going to wait until they drag the ground before she cuts them off.

  10. Belinda

    OMG, jenB told me to come and read this, and I’d pee myself laughing…I have SO much sympathy for you! But gosh, that girl is SO beautiful in her new bob! My sister did a similar thing when she got gum in her hair. She went from a good two feet of thick lustrous sausage-curl hair to a SHORT Buster Brown overnight. My mom cried and cried. So–is it destined to happen to us all? Tell me now.

  11. shoesonwrong

    I cut my own hair once. Much to my mother’s horror, I didn’t do it till I was fifteen. I got to watching a movie and decided that I just HAD to have the same haircut.

    At least when you tell people Sophie cut her hair, people will laugh and just go, “Kids will be kids.” Instead of, “Um… isn’t she fifteen?” And give you a weird look. My poor, poor mother.

    Sophie looks adorable!

  12. katie

    at least she’s cute. my sister was an awkward, odd looking child, and she took the liberty of cutting herself centimeter-long bangs when she was six (i was four). there was absolutely NO fixing it. i wish i had a picture i could send you.
    another time she cut the top (the TOP!) of her hair off and had to get a mullet. it was the 80’s, but we all knew even then that a mullet was just not cool. i think it took a whole year to grow back in to a non-mullet type style.
    i’m partial to short hair anyway, so i think she looks adorable.

  13. Lin

    She is darling and I love her spirit that comes through in those pictures. Better that she cut her own hair than a kid you’re watching. That’s what my daughter did at age four. A neighbor’s little boy (who naturally had golden curls) asked Jane to cut them off…she obliged…right down close to the scalp. His mother loved those curls and I was surprised at just how accepting she was. I groveled and took him to get a buzz cut, but I felt horrible about it.

  14. honestyrain

    oh my. busy little bee with the schissors. who would think kid scissors would cut hair when they barely cut paper? i think the post cut cut looks adorable though and she doesn’t seem too worried about it with that adorable smile 😉

  15. badgerbag

    You should call me and come over! No, wait, I’ll come to you. With hair clippers and an assortment of dye. Your child will be punk beyond her wildest dreams! Obviously a cute little mohawk is in her future!


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