miss willow and my feet


I can feel autumn coming just by the light lately.  I swear when I think about it I get butterflies in my stomach.  I remember when I was maybe eleven or twelve we were in San Francisco in September or October.  The way the sky was the crispest, brightest blue against the concrete and brick buildings, it just made me stare with my mouth open.  Isn’t autumn really the beginning of the year?  Isn’t it everyone’s favorite time?

We went to the park last night to celebrate my step-dad’s birthday.  Most of the family was there, and it was good to see everyone.  The kids played until after sunset, and came home dirty and tired. 

I have six kids here today.  They’re dancing and building forts and playing with the dollhouse.  Two of them are building a castle with precut wooden pieces.  We have cookies and milk and juice.  I have coffee.  It’s not hot outside.  I cleaned the kitchen and bathroom and the girls’ room.  Things are good. 

8 thoughts on “miss willow and my feet

  1. snakehairedgirl

    Yes! Fall! I planted mums Monday with Milo and spent yesterday looking at them with wistful fall feelings that had me giddy and tearful at the same time. The light–it’s the light, definitely.

  2. judy

    I used to live in Walnut Creek and frequented SF and Berkeley often..the surroundings are most memorable to me…however….

    Fall is the best time of year, I believe…and now that I’m back in the Midwest(my home area) and I got married out of doors in the fall, I am biased, for sure, to fall in the Midwestern states…

    …the colors, the air, the dying down to be back up in the spring is wonderful…how awesome is nature, anyway?

    Still…wish I was on the WCoast, sometimes….I find myself missing the ocean..

  3. mamadaisy

    i am sweating it out in florida, where fall is still a LONG way away. i have no evidence it is coming yet other than the sun coming up a few minutes later each morning.

    i do look forward to those crisp blue skies, though. october is beautiful here.

    enjoy your day!

  4. Suebob

    Oh Good Lord no. I HATE HATE HATE the end of summer. Maybe it is from all those “back to school” times. Whenever I see the clothes and school supplies come out, my stomach starts to ache, missing summer prematurely.

    Long days. Swimming. Sweet fruits and berries. Sunlight and plenty of it. Warmth.

    Lately I take the dog out and return to the house just at dark, glaring at the clock that tells me the sun is going down earlier and earlier. FUCK!!! It is one long dark downhill slide to December 21, when things start to inch back toward summer again. The six weeks between mid-November and the solstice suck the worst, just one long dark depressing mass.

    My fantasy is to move somewhere equatorial. Same day-length year round. But the big bugs scare me LOL

  5. TitanKT

    Actually, I think I just like the anticipation of what’s coming next whatever it is. I do like Fall because it’s a blessed break from the heat of summer, which by now I’m sick to death of but must endure for at least another couple of months. (I live in South Texas which has the exact same weather as Florida). I like Winter because it contains Christmas, my very most beloved time of year (don’t even get me started, I could wax wistful and poetic and gushy about Christmas for pages and pages!). I love Spring because I am so in love with flowers and new plants and birds and bees and baby animals… the whole renewal of life thing. I love Summer because I like outdoor barbeques with friends and drinking icy cold beer that looks like molten gold in the sunlight… and smelling like coconut and sweat.

    A good day is a good day no matter what time of year and I’m glad you had one… I wish you and endless stream of more good days!


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