Moments from the day

I looked out into the back yard and saw Lexy tearfully and gently trying to remove Lucky’s water bottle from her cage. I called to him out the window and asked what he was doing. He looked at me, so sad and defeated, and said, “Oh, I’m trying to take her water bottle off.” I told him to come in and we both cried. I hate seeing my kids grieve. It’s tempting to try and make them feel better or rush off to get a new pet, but it’s a sad time so we’ll be sad. People need to know how to be sad or they just get angry.

Sophie and I made cookies. Somewhere between the third and fourth dozen, she cranked the oven up to 500. I smelled that batch burning, and took it out. Lots of smoke and stink, but no injuries. So, now the oven is cooling and in a minute I’ll finish baking. I took the burned cookies and also the hefty bag of diapers out to the curb for tomorrow’s trash pick up. As I walked out, I started thinking that I want a diepur geenee to keep the smell away. I wondered what happened to the mama who used cloth diapers and got hives just thinking about things like diepur geenees. Now that Soph is totally out of diapers, I’ll call tiny tots and get our cloth service started up again. Feels better already. Of course I gave away all my diaper wraps. . .

I ought to go put Willow to bed. I’m glad the weekend is coming. Tomorrow we’ll give into Sophie’s weeks of begging and color easter eggs.

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