more sophie insults

Because a couple of you have asked for them:

  • monkey underwear pee cheese
  • mustard butt hotdog

Darn, I can’t remember any others.  I did dial it down on the coffee today, though, so hopefully I will not be in complete orbit.  We almost all have a cold here.  Nate nearly skipped out on his field trip to the pumpkin patch today he was feeling so bad when he woke up.  I dosed him with children’s sudafed and dressed him warmly and talked him into going.  I will have to get hot chocolate ingredients when I’m out later to pamper everyone after school. 

The trees in front have been giving us a steady collection of leaves for our "leeb pi-oh," as Willow calls the leaf pile.  The other day when I was raking with the girls (and they scatter again faster than I can rake, so it’s either be zen or get frustrated) we could smell that someone had their fireplace going and we could hear the jr. high marching band practicing.  It was such a good fall moment.  I stopped to breathe it all in and the girls pelted me with arm fulls of leaves.  This is my favorite time of year by far. 

Tomorrow is my third wedding anniversary.  John has to work tomorrow night, so maybe we’ll do something this weekend.  I suggested that as a gift to each other we have someone come out and make the fireplace operational again.  A romantic gift to last all winter!  Cause we do not need more stuff.  We are still trying to get rid of stuff and losing the battle. 

I got the first of my Christmas shopping done and I’m making a gift.  I ordered these skirts for the girls, and they are even cuter in person than they are in the photo.  I even received a little adorable cd folder, too!  Many thanks to the wonderful Jennifer at Textile Fetish!

Time to go help Sophie make paper dolls for show and tell.

3 thoughts on “more sophie insults

  1. kathryn

    Fall! A real Fall day! How lucky you are to live in a place where such a thing exists?! To live in a place where your carved pumpkins aren’t covered in flies after day 1 and already decaying after day 2. I’d rake leaves for an hour to have an hour in your neck of the woods.


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