my parenting life and my dream life crashed into each other

I’ve always had such odd dreams.  I try not to tell people about them, because I know it’s irritating, but I can’t help but tell a tiny part of the one I had this morning between slam #2 and #3 of the snooze button. 

I was visiting my boyfriend, who was the guy who voices Sponge Bob.  We were at some function (which was at my Grandmother’s house, natch), walking around and holding hands.  I was *so proud* to be with him, even though, since we lived far away from each other, he insisted on an open relationship.  He wore a gorgeous suit.  Nice shoes, too.

(So, I just went looking on the web for a photo of Tom Kinney (SpongeBob’s voice) to see if he looked, you know, as good as he did in my dream.  Why is he so elusive?  I only found a couple of photos, but they aren’t good enough to get any real idea.)

I have to go to a couple of parent-teacher conferences, and then I’m going to come home and finish my Christmas shopping right here at this desk.  That’ll be something to celebrate.


Kenny.  K E N N Y


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