My Sophie


is about to turn three. I’m getting somewhat nostalgic for her babyness. She was such a sweet baby. She’s still generally sweet, but she’s not above hurling canned goods at my head or screaming at me, “YOU NEBBER IN YOU LIFE I NO MORE LIKING YOU BAD BABY MAMA POOPOO HEAD I NO NEBBER ANY AGAIN!!!!”

Yesterday she and Willow had the stomach flu. At three a.m. Soph needed some toast, so we camped out on the couch and watched Little Bill (which I can hardly stand to do because I just keep feeling sad that Gregory Hines died).

I have to go tidy up now that Sophie and Willow are in here helping me.

1 thought on “My Sophie

  1. Rachael

    Precious photo’s, she has such captivating eyes. Now that I am pregnant, the comment i hear from most everyone “cherish her while she is young, they grow so fast”. It is so true! Happy 3rd Birthday to Sophie.
    I hope you all are feeling better too. We too just got over the stomach flu UGH!


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