My step dad came home from the hospital monday.  He had a bad awful weekend, but now is home.  Home has a comfy chair and big screen tv, (nice one, too) so it’s much better than sharing a room with someone who isn’t getting enough pain meds.  He seems like he’s doing really well.  I am super duper paranoid about getting him sick.  I think about coughing after open heart surgery and it gives me the shivers. 

There is a palm tree near my mom’s house with christmas lights on it.  None on the trunk of it, just the top.  It is so cute, and I really don’t like palms too well.  I tried to take a picture of it, but it came out crappy.  Here it is anyhow


Maybe I’ll pass it at twilight or dawn (no, I really hope not) and the lights will be on and there will be enough atmospheric light to make a better photograph. 

Today I spent the whole day rearranging the boys room.  Most of the toys are on a shelf that I put in the closet.  Nathan now has a desk, and I threw away three kitchen garbage size bags of stuff, filled another for goodwill and have an overflowing paper grocery sack to give to my friend’s four year old boy.  It looks much better in there, but I still want to add a bookcase.  Tomorrow I’ll tackle the girls room.  Suppose I ought to sleep. 

I am going to make milk chocolate almond biscotti in a day or two.  mmmmmmmmmmm

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  1. Jamie

    Ah a california christmas looks pretty to me 🙂 ..I’m glad all is well with your dad ! I have all three of my kids in one room for now..I am still amazed how many bags of junk gets tossed when I “clean” their room..There is only so much room in there..where does it all come from ? lol Oh..and you are going to share that recipe right ? 🙂

  2. Daria

    milk chocolate almond biscotti … promise me a piece or a recepie and I promise to be better about commenting. Sorry we have been living with the in-laws (my parents) while my DH has been at our new house. Today is the first day of the family together and I am looking fwrd to decorating … any ideas?

  3. shannon

    Hey mama, Hooray for a sleeping baby – only because she was carried around all day at preschool, my little toothy girl – the second one is comeing in. I love to make biscotti, we make a choclate one with dried cherries that’s yum. Love the palm tree 🙂 I spent some of the sleeping baby time rearranging our one strand of solar X Mas lights on a little potted pine tree out by the mailbox…(it’s too far away from the house to run an extension cord) it still seems very half hearted compared to the neighbors, but hopefully it’ll look better then it did this past week. I’m trying to get E to help me put up lights on the flagpole to make a X Mas tree, but he keeps coming home and heading to bed before I can rope him into it. Happy holidays!!!


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