Using my extra hour to make tooth fairy pillows to sell for #charitywater

I’m making twenty Tooth Fairy pillows to sell (I hope) for ten bucks a piece to raise $200 for Charity:Water for Camp Mighty.  I first made these a few years back for my girls and then did a few more for gifts.  I haven’t finished any new ones, but here’s what the originals looked like:

tooth fairy pillow

The front is a little tooth-faced character, and on the back there’s a pocket.  You know, for the baby tooth / gold dollar exchange:

tooth fairy pillow back pocket

I found that fabric ages ago at a shop in San Francisco with my mom, and how could I not then go home and make Tooth Fairy pillows, right?  There’s not enough fabric left for twenty pockets, so the new ones will have some updated designs.  I’ve got some Dia de los Muertos fabric, and some of this, and then a cool kinda Jetsons-inspired blue and white pattern.

I’ll confess that at first I was kinda cranky about doing this fundraiser.  I know.  I suck.  It’s just that I rush through the days without time to read or watch TV or paint that little bare wooden glider swing in the backyard, you know?  But, of course, now that I’ve cut them all out and sewed the little smile on eighteen of them and the button eyes on one, I’m really happy to be doing this.  It’s nice.  And, if all goes well, I’ll raise $200 to bring clean water to people who don’t have any and that’s even cooler than me getting to be all creative and shit over here.

I think I’ll buy one myself and gift it to the girl’s pediatric dentist. 

None of my kids believe in the Tooth Fairy anymore.  The girls just hand me their teeth and ask for their money.  It’s sad.  At our house, the Tooth Fairy brings gold dollars, because when I was a kid it was silver dollars.  Some kids my girls know get TWENTY BUCKS, which is part of why my kids all know that *I* am the Tooth Fairy.  They know I’m always broke. 

I miss that – trying to stay up late enough to sneak in when one of my kids was finally asleep and find their tooth and leave a coin.  Without getting caught.  This Christmas will be the first year I haven’t had any Santa Claus believers, either.  Instead?  I drop them off on dates and yell at them to put on deodorant.  It’s good though, the growing up.  I’m learning something new every single day. 

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