Hmm.  Was trying to make a funny twist on NaBloPoMo, but kept coming up with versions that were either not funny or insulted me.  Unfortunately, the other night I fell asleep when I was putting the girls down and when I woke up it was 5:30 the next day and I hadn’t blogged. 

I’m astoundingly sad. 

Instead of cheating, I just fell into a slump and didn’t blog at all.  So, I am completely and totally out.

I had a different teacher at yoga tonight and she is awesome, even though I think she is trying to kill people.  I am so very proud of myself for sticking it out through her class.  At the end, she invited us to come to Thursday’s class (thanksgiving day here in the US) and i could see the glee in her eyes from the back row as she said, It will be HARDER!

I sort of want to go if it’s in the morning.

The girls have been singing this little snippet of annoyance lately and I cannot figure out where it came from.  Does anyone know?

OhMiGosh (breath) I think I broke a nail. 

It’s super singsongy and they push a hip out to the side when they sing it. 

Anyone?  (I won’t type Bueller, but I’m totally thinking it)

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