Not Calm family mealtime

Tuesday night the kids and I were having supper (Tuesday=Tacos, soft shell) and Sophie and Nate were horsing around, and Sophie, even though I’ve taught her better manners, pretended to be grossed out and pretended to throw up.  Out of the corner of my left eye, I saw Willow go pale and put her hand up to her mouth, her little body stiffen.  STOP SOPHIE! I yelled, and Willow had a kind of hiccupy shoulder heave and looked woosy.  You’re making Willow sick, DON’T. DO. THAT.

So, of course, she and Nate both start in, heaving and gagging and giggling, and Willow again nearly throws up and so I stand up and bang on the table with my fist and say, DUDE, if you make her throw up you will clean it ALL up.

The fake retching stops.  Willow shudders, and starts to cry, climbing into my lap,  They almost made me throw up. That was so GROSS.

5 thoughts on “Not Calm family mealtime

  1. Jenijen

    Well, it was only the worst thing *that* day. She got over it pretty quickly, and maybe even laughed about it a little. Or maybe that was just all the rest of us?


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