not stressed

I am getting ready for Willow’s party, and I made a decision to be NOT STRESSED.  Which, hmmm, is a little difficult when at nearly 11 pm I broke her birthday cake into a few pieces, one of which landed on the floor.  Let me back up.  I made her a heart-shaped chocolate chip cookie cake, which (dumbass move #1) I have never made before.  Things were fabulous until the part about unmolding the cake and letting it cool on a wire rack.  It had already been cooling for about fifteen minutes, but I noticed that the bottom was sinking into the wire rack and it looked like it was going to sink so far that it would be ruined.  So I took the initiative and wrecked it myself palmed it and flipped the rack upside down, thinking I’d put the cake on a big plate to cool.  Because, you know, it is a cake, so it should stay in one piece after being out of the oven for so long.  HOWEVER, a cookie cake will break into seventeen pieces and leave you with burning chocolate chips on your sad little outstretched palm.

But remember!!  I decided NO STRESS around this party.  The second cake is baking, and we are making lemonade from the Meyer lemons that grow in the back yard.  It’s really super-martha lemonade; I made a sugar syrup so all the sugar will mix in and not be silty on the bottom of the pitcher, and I’m going to put a bunch of rosemary in it. 

Not stressing.  NOT STRESSING.  (but I will brag, I made mayo today.  My house is messy as hell, but I made mayo.)  Time to go check the cake.  I don’t want to make another one.

5 thoughts on “not stressed

  1. MissBehave

    I think the NO STRESS concept is great. Perhaps I’ll try it when I go to visit my Grandmother when she gets sloshed on 1 glass of champagne..

    I bet the cake was fabulous, by the way. AND delicious!

  2. Elkit

    Yes, I will gladly volunteer too, for cookie bits off your floor. 🙂
    And would you post your lemonade recipe? My lemon tree is out of control. That sugar syrup part sounded really good.

  3. squid

    I am glad you knocked that stress back on its ass where it should be.

    Sugar syrup is the way to go. Though when pressed for time I will nuke sugar and water, then shake them with lemon juice and ice. Though this only works for individual servings and couldn’t possibly be as good as the recipe you posted.

    Elkit, I will make sidecars or donate all the lavender, thyme, oregano, or rosemary you could ever want in exchange for lemons.


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