Oh. boy.  Am I ever in some serious love. 


Willow kinda likes him, too.


He sleeps like a champ.


And, he smiles at me.


I said it in the comments on another post, but I’ll say it again; I am such a breeder. 

7 thoughts on “OBaby

  1. Lin

    He’s darling, not doubt, but that precious, perfect baby stage is so SHORT LIVED!

    Note to self: Send Notcalmdotcalm weekly reminders of shortness of precious, perfect baby stage.

  2. Candy

    Yeah I can’t be visiting this site until those pictures come down. My biological alarm clock just started ringing and I haven’t even looked for the snooze button in years.

  3. TitanKT

    He is tremendously cute! I was going to comment that it’s really perfect that you’re babysitting him because it’s sort like having a baby except you can send him home to his mom sometimes. You get to have the fun of taking care of a baby and snugglie cuddlie without actually having to have another baby. It’s a brilliant plan!


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