Oblivious to the obvious

The other day I tried out the pilates/yoga class at the gym.  (I refuse to call it "pi-yo" like they do.  LAME)  After the class I talked to a woman who has three kids under three; three month old twins and a two and a halfer.  She had a c-section with the twins, so I asked her if she, too, felt like her c-section incision was going to split open during the abdominal exercises.  She looked at me all concerned and asked when I’d had my c-section.  I told her two and a half years ago.  Hmmmm, she said, I didn’t feel that at all, but I started doing sit ups six weeks postpartum. 


I, uh, *knew* I was supposed to do that.  But I forgot.  For two and a half years.  Glad she reminded me. 

4 thoughts on “Oblivious to the obvious

  1. jenB

    you know, not that i couldn’t have read a book or something, but NO ONE told me to do sit ups or ab exercises after my c-section.


  2. jenny r

    ha! That’s like the reason I cannot bend my left big toe. I didn’t flex it enough post-surgery. Really interferes with picking stuff up off the floor, you know, when my hands are full. Yeah, YOU KNOW!!

  3. Trin

    meh…I didn’t really bother…first caesar I was pregnant 12 weeks later, second one I was too busy expressing, and sitting next to a crib.

    I’ll have to learn to play on it as the kids get older tho…there’s gotta be something in it for me.

  4. shannon

    my mom is aready asking me when I can start doing crunches. Arg. At our last check in with the MW, before we came home, she was going on and on about how I needed to swim immediately. MW put the lid on that idea pretty quickly, epsecially after my imploring looks in her direction – um, no! Chlorine, pool water, open cervix, incision = no, no, no! I can tell she’s still dissapointed she can’t get me into the pool though, She’s so exercise obsessed!


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