One giant leap for womankind

Willow and I sat cuddling on the floor in a patch of sunshine like a couple of cats this morning.  It’s funny being home again, because getting back into my regular routine — in my case that means plunging the toilet, calling the urgent care nurse, pleading the case for adequate tooth brushing to a seven year old, and drinking too much coffee — makes the whole weekend seem even more dreamy than it was. 

BlogHer was, well, it was really cool.  BlogHer is to women what the first moon walk was for space travel.  It’s groundbreaking and breathtaking and really, really cool.  So many times as I was walking around the hotel grounds I heard parts of conversations where women were excitedly talking to each other about all the great ideas they’d heard in the talk they just attended.  I saw women who have been building relationships through email and instant messages finally get to hug each other, even if they were reluctant or awkward huggers.  There were round tables of women leaning over their lunch plates and nodding in circles of agreement.  And I got to spend time with some of my very own personal favorite women without a bunch of miles and a computer screen in the way of our interaction. 

Really great things happened for me all weekend, from placing in a writing contest (and let me tell you, the competition was fierce) to reconnecting with an old friend to sharing a room with Gwendomama and BabyE and meeting so many women who I admire and adore.

Sunday was Woolfcamp, which has all the greatness of BlogHer on a small scale. 

And, much as I want to continue, I need to get back to my regularly scheduled events.  Hopefully the plunger will be absent and the man who said he’d be back this week to fix my washing machine will be true to his word. 


7 thoughts on “One giant leap for womankind

  1. Maria Niles

    Jen – one of the highlights of the conference this year was meeting you and hanging out handing out badges and bags! Even though you don’t know it, you helped keep me sane.

    Thank you!

  2. chris

    It was so wonderful to meet you, Jen.

    And yes regularly scheduled life is back in full force here too with a dishwasher that is broken yet again.

  3. Mary Tsao

    An entry about BlogHer that I totally can relate to. Thank you!

    Hanging out at BlogHer was fun. We should plan a beach trip with Gwendomama and the kids soon.

  4. Mom101

    I loved meeting you and finding your place here (nice place, by the way). I only regret that I don’t make such a good impression hungover and jetlagged at 7:30 am. Still, I can’t have imagined a better tote bag hander-outer partner.


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