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Yeah, so, last night?  I GOT CARDED!  Did I tell you that????  I went out with K (my free therapist), and E (her friend who lives in the most beautiful place ever and brought photos and made me want to pack and go now), and M (she knows how to pronounce Einsturzende Neubauten, and I just always go "ein ze mumble mumble noy e bouten" so I think she is the coolest. woman. ever.) and we had a whole lot of fun.  If your idea of fun is listening to me talk and talk and talk and never shut up, that is.  It’s partly that I talk all the time (hence, the blog) and partly that I was drinking pints of Harp on tap, and partly that I am too often spending the day scrubbing things and moving small pieces of plastic around the house in my pajamas.  (I may have stolen that ‘moving plastic’ bit from another mama blog.  I have a feeling that is not my original material.  Sorry and thank you! mystery mama)

Anyway, none of them will invite me anywhere ever again, except K, who has to because sometimes I baby sit for her, though not nearly as much as she does for me.  In addition to being carded, I got sorta picked up on (!) by a guy at the second bar we fled to when the cover band at the first bar started playing.  He said I looked 23 years old, which is probably the best line ever, or one of them, I’ll have to consider that (tell me in comments, best line ever.  . . ) and totally wasted on me.  He also refused to believe that I have four kids, which was another wise line of b.s.  You know, I think I’m beginning to sound a little snotty and stuck up here, and I hate those girls, so we’ll just stop that now. 

I came home (K drove me) and found Willow and John asleep in the big bed, so, being the good parent I can be when pressed, I slept in Willow’s bed.  Because drinking and cosleeping don’t mix.  And neither do drinking and breastfeeding.  It was a beautiful thing, too.  I slept alone until 8:15 when they woke me up.  I wish they’d let me sleep longer, because evil evil little elves cracked open my head during the night and put my brain in a taffy puller and let that go awhile, and then they crammed it back in, backwards, and glued my skull back together.  I think if I’d slept just a bit longer, I’d have not felt so wretched when I woke up. 

And, that said, it is rather late and I should get some rest.  I’m too old to go out and party like that.  Which is what makes it so much fun.  Thanks girls!  I totally owe you money, because I know that the eight bucks I chipped in does not even begin to cover it. 

2 thoughts on “out with the girls

  1. still life

    As far as being too old to go out…I guess not.

    Once when I snuggled with my bestfriend’s little boy (about 5 at the time) during a party at his request he turned to me and said…and I quote…

    W: Aunt Mikki your feet stink
    Me: They do?( puzzzled because I do NOT party with stinky feet)
    W: No, it’s your breath…you smell like gasoline!

    This coming from a 5-year-old, so you know that it was true!


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