Overheard at my house

Me to the boys, while suffering through the longest full-body-shudder imaginable: Uh, don’t go in the garage, when we were cleaning it out, we found (shuddering increases) poop from a rat. (at this point, I’ve got chills, too, and am madly brushing off my arms and legs and trying not to barf)

Nathan: Don’t worry mom, it could be a family of rabbits!

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Sophie, in the kitchen on her toy cell phone while I make myself scrambled eggs with spinach:  Hello?  Oh, hai!  I can’t believe it’s you! *bats eyelashes*  Mom, would you like to talk to (cups her hand around her mouth so her voice won’t go into the receiver) Tony Hawk?

Me: Why yes I would!  (takes phone) Hi, Tony!  Thank you so much for wearing a helmet while you skate and setting a good example for my kids!

x x x x x x x x x x x x

At the park with my extended family for Father’s Day, my mom asks Lex how many songs are on his iPod:  Something like 20.  I’m really into the old classic rock, like Blind Melon and Marcy Playground.

Me: ::blinkblink::

[Really? he’s got WAY more than 20 songs on there, unless he took some off.  Also, it’s not the Sex&Candy song by Marcy Playground; I am not quite that laid back with my kids.  It’s this one, about drugs, not sex!  This is the Blind Melon song he likes, and I still heart that video.  I was sure to snag the teachable moment and tell Lex that the lead singer died of a drug overdose.]

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