A couple of days ago I dropped off six or seven bags of old clothes and shoes (the shoes!!  old sam and libby biker slingbacks, old nine west patent leather platform loafers, vintage suede 70’s platforms) at the goodwill truck near our house, then headed over to my mom’s to take some fabric off her hands.  She’s cleaning out the craft closet in preparation of the upcoming remodel.  She gave me TONS of scraps and embroidery floss, antique quilt pieces — some cut out shapes, some pieced —  embroidery hoops, doll makings, buttons and beads.  Heaven.  The quilting stuff is amazing.  I need to do some research and find out about one pattern in particular.  The cut pieces are rectangles with a triangle at either end, sort of diamond-shaped.  They are stitched together in rows of 24, attached by the straight sides, with points at the top and bottom.  (The digital camera is text-messaging us "LENS ERROR" and so I can’t just show you.)  Rather than blocks, the pieces are in long strips.  I have six rows of the strips, with enough to make five more.  But I don’t have a clue what to do with them yet.  Really, that’s irrelevant, since I don’t have the time to quilt.  A girl’s gotta dream. 

screaming child needs to be put to bed, but only to be woken up in a few hours by fireworks, I’m sure

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  1. Jen

    Oh, I thought of you when I was looking at all this stuff! I was snooping around ebay and saw that there are a few auctions of vintage quilt blocks and cut fabric for really really cheap. Like under ten bucks cheap!


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