pointykitty 007

  pointykitty 007 
  Originally uploaded by Jen and John.

The photo loaded as "pointykitty 007," so I decided that she’s a secret agent.  I did a bit of a crap job sewing on the head, which is why she has a collar/bow with a jingle bell. 

I gave her to Willow.  She’ll be toast by tonight, but Willow is loving her so I don’t mind. 

Pattern is from WeeWonderfuls.  You’ll find it under the "freebies" section.

Time to make Sophie’s rabbit.

3 thoughts on “pointykitty 007

  1. shannon

    Georgia’s wee rabbit turned out cute, but I’ve done the face over, oh, about a trillion times and I still don’t think it looks rabbity enough. I didn’t want to use beads or buttons cuz she’s still a chewer, but my embroidery leaves something to be desired, lol.


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